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The Sweetwater Social Club

by Elizabeth Freeman on 03/10/2015 | 1 Minute Read

 Inspired by the Prohibition Era, Shed Brand Innovation has created a limited edition packaging for Sweetwater Social Club’s Bootleg Bonbons. Try saying that three times fast. The Bonbons themselves are “more-ish bite-size jellies spiked with an inventive twist on classic cocktails.” These Bonbons are fun in their own right, but it’s the fantastic packaging design that Shed Brand Innovation thought up which is where the action is. 

The art direction is inspired by the dark world of underground bootlegger clubs. The packaging is designed with a somber color palette – black & brown inks printed onto cardboard stock. The typography treatment for “Sweetwater Social Club” takes up the entire front side of the box with its decorative and detailed style. And if you look closely you can see the fun, little details in the artwork – keyrings, open doors, and a swell bottle. 

"The box contains a secret prohibition-style drawer revealing the four products in the range, each containing a spirit razing elixir of liquid fantasticality that's out of this world and a membership key to the Sweetwater Social Club website."Shed Brand Innovation launched this Limited Edition packaging on December 5th in honor of ‘Repeal Day,’ which is the official demise of the thirteen years of prohibition. To generate buzz during this release, one hundred lucky recipients around the world received their own box of Sweetwater Social Club Bootleg Bonbons, which I’m sure were chomped down pretty fast while the pretty packaging was set aside for a keepsake.

Designed by Shed Brand Innovation

Country: United States

Pastry Chef: David Green 

Brand Identity: Paul Connop 

Packaging Design: Stu Ruff 

Website Design: Ella de Weijer 

Copywriter: Jason Kerrigan 

Photography: Peter Medlicott 

Strategy: Angelique Green 

Production: Print Monkey 


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