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The 86 Co. Designing the Bottle

by Dieline Author on 03/12/2015 | 4 Minute Read

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Form and functionality were the driving force behind the design of The 86 Co.’s bespoke spirits bottle. Every part was designed for the imbiber’s precise usage and performance. When The 86 co. set out to develop its four spirits — Fords Gin, Caña Brava Rum, Aylesbury Duck Vodka and Tequila Cabeza— one of the most frequent conversations they had with bartenders was,“Please can you put your spirit into a functional bottle that we can use?”  And so The 86 Co. made it their mission to create a bottle designed for the professional bartender. 

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"The 86 Co. took everything into account when creating this bottle. They worked with a water bottle designer for the ergonomics and efficiency of the bottle and consulted a physical therapist to create a bottle that has several options for pouring and that would be easy on the hand. From the ergonomic grip to the perfect pour to the etched measurements for re-usage and even the beautiful & engaging “bad ass” labels filled with useful & honest product information, each detail is proof that The 86 Co. bottle is the quintessential choice for any serving need."

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Key design elements of The 86 Co. bottle are:Neck: The bottle has been designed with a long neck to easily hold with a full hand; it’s shaped for a consistent flow of liquid, and has been designed to fit speed pourers snuggly for professional use. In addition, The 86 Co. team added two rims: one at the top to grab and pull the bottle from the well, and the other around the base of the neck which acts as a dill line a comfort zone for long pours. Cap: The 86 Co chose not cover the caps with a foil so they quick and easy to open when switching bottles behind a busy barLabels: The labels contain as much useful and honest information on them as possible. The labels are reinforced so they are easy to remove allowing folks to reuse the bottle for water, syrups, infusions, etc.. and label them appropriately. Scale: The 86 bottle has a scale with exact measures in both fluid ounces and liter measurements. It is great for inventory control, batching cocktails and can be used to measure recipes for house-made syrups and infusionsMiddle Grip: The bottle was designed with a ridge in the middle to allow the perfect grip.Base: The 86 Co. tapered the bottom of the bottle to add a comfort zone when grabbing the bottle from a high shelf or when pouring from the base of the bottle. 

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ABOUT THE 86 CO.:The 86 Co. was created for and inspired by the bartending community. It launched its four distinctive spirits: Fords Gin, Cana Brava Rum, Aylesbury Duck Vodka and Tequila Cabeza in September 2012 to make available both versatile and approachable full-bodied and flavor-forward spirits ideally suited for mixing in a wide range of drinks and applications. Each product is produced by some of the best distillers and distilleries from around the globe and comes in an ergonomic bottle designed by and for bartenders, making it the go-to portfolio for any discerning bartender or tippler. The 86 Co. brands can be found in the U.S. and abroad in your favorite bars, at select retail shops as well as online nationally in the U.S.

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