by Grant Van Sant on 03/09/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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In an industry where the term “handmade” is often overused and purposely vague, Swift Single Malt stays true to its foremost goal: to make the best single malt stateside. The small distillery worked with Trina Bentley, of Make & Matter, to brand their small batch Texas Whiskey. , to brand their small batch Texas Whiskey. The brand was greatly inspired by the super-swift- duo, Nick & Amanda Swift, and the stories of sly foxes who roamed their distillery grounds. There was also a great focus put on appealing to both young and older markets.

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"We set out to design a label that would have a sense of tradition and resonate with an older demographic. Think about your dad pouring a couple of fingers - we wanted him to feel like he could trust this brand. On the flip side, we wanted the brand to be modern enough to appeal to an avid craft-seeking market that skews younger." The result was a hearty blend of old and new, smart and simple. In the label design, a proud fox commands attention and typography choices mix Texas tradition with modern cleanliness. All set against a toothy label stock that feels crafted & honest. 

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Swift Distillery brings authentic Scottish whiskey-making traditions home. Hand-craftsmanship, 100% Scottish two-row malted barley, copper pot stills, Kentucky bourbon barrels, and Spanish Oloroso sherry casks make for a smooth, buttery single malt. 

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Designed by Make & Matter

Client: Swift Distillery

Country: United States

City: Austin

Photography: Jody Horton 


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