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Jonny Pops

by Elena Massucco on 03/09/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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Spring has (almost) sprung! Our favorite spring’s treat is a fresh and juicy lolly and Jonny Pops has just the right product for us, delicious “Frozen smoothies on a stick” made with simple and pure ingredients. Jonny Pops engages its customers with a great treat and a great brand story which began with the premature loss of Jonny, the founder's cousin, in a drug-related accident. This moved the Jonny Pops founders to create a company in his name that would donate a portion of all profits to chemical addiction recovery. 

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Jonny Pops needed a packaging solution that quickly and clearly communicated the pillars of the brand: pure & simple ingredients, great flavor, and social mission. Replace was briefed to create the design of the packaging. “The challenge was to create a cohesive family of packages that quickly grabs attention while also efficiently communicating flavor and simple ingredients.” To create a strong visual draw, Replace used a combination of bright colors, beautiful ingredients and bright white bowls that create circular shapes to naturally draw the eye to the pop in the center.

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed by Replace

Client: Jonny Pops 

Country: United States

Creative Director: Jeff Johnson Designer: Dustin Hackwith Photographer: Scott Knutson - InsideOut Studios Photography Art Direction: Dustin Hackwith Food Stylist: Margaret Stopera  Printing: OlymPak