Dolciaria Serio – Special Edition for Angelini Design

by Jenifer Tracy on 03/09/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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Angelini Design created an elegantly designed, customized box filled with torroncini nougats to share with their clients and friends. The delicious nougats are from the Italian patisserie Dolciaria Serio, and were thoughtfully chosen as the delicacies to be gifted based on their long tradition in Italy with recipes that date back to Roman times. 

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Angelini Design created a custom matte black candy box to hold the nougats, which was closed with metallic staples and a black satin string. Silk screened onto the box in a shiny, clear ink is a highly decorative emblem with intricate angular lines, containing the words “Torroncini di Angelini Design” within it. Futurist in its design style, Angelini Design is reflecting their Italian heritage which is where the Futurist art movement was birthed in the early 20th century.“A style of Futurist rigor, a nervous and energetic triumph of ruling pen and angles.”

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The true beauty of these candy boxes is the all black color palette, not your usual holiday colors. Created using a matte black paper for the structure and a clear, glossy ink to print the artwork, a restrained and tasteful aesthetic has been created. I know if this box of torroncini nougats had come across my desk during the holidays, I would have had a hard time sharing. Really lovely work Angelini Design team!

Editorial photograph

Designed by Angelini Design

Country: Italy

City: Rome


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