by Jenifer Tracy on 03/09/2015 | 3 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Have you ever heard of the Swedish soda brand Apotekarnes? I hadn’t and that’s most likely because I didn’t grow up in Sweden where it’s been popular for several generation with the young folk. But with the gorgeous new brand identity and packaging design just finished by the Swedish studio  NINE , I’m sure they will be getting some worldwide attention. In the past decade, Apotekarnes had lost it’s popularity due to the intense competition from global brands. NINE was approached to help revive the brand and work together with Apotekarnes in creating the packaging for a new range of drink mixers and sodas that would be targeted to an adult audience. A new demographic of consumers would need designs that would really capture attention.

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

“The strategy was to design a range that spoke straight to the hearts and minds of the target audience, to balance tradition and craftsmanship with the consumer behaviour and expectations of today within the category in terms of taste appeal - especially when competing with global market leading brands.”

The final packaging designs are striking! The color palette is made up of vivid, saturated colors that feel fresh and current. I have no idea what Russian Water is, but it looks delicious and I’d give it a try! What really stands out from the crowd is the hand drawn typography used for each flavor name. It’s a decorative and playful script that adds quite some personality to the product.

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

“From the beginning it was clear that the typography was vital to communicate the craftsmanship and experience behind the product, and the typography was developed from hand sketches to careful digitalisation.”

Circling each flavor name is a lively band of bubbles that make me lick my lips just looking at them. Adding a subtle texture, along with a nod to the product heritage there are copper etchings behind each flavor name which illustrate the original ingredients used in the sodas. NINE has done a fantastic job working with Apotekarnes on their new product line, which surely will be a STAND OUT on the shelves at the grocery stores in Sweden. 

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Designed by NINE 

Client: Carlsberg Sweden  

Country: Sweden

City: Stockholm

Creative Director: Isabelle Dahlborg Lidstrom 

Design Director: Andreas Linnell 

Designers: Johan Lagervall, Linn Andersson 

Letterer: Simon Ålander 

Production Director: Judith Socha 

Original Artwork: Lowd  

Printer: Constantia FlexiblesNordic Label 

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