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Contraband Playing Cards

by Elizabeth Freeman on 03/05/2015 | 1 Minute Read

"Designed in London by Joe White, Contraband Playing Cards were inspired by secret societies, conspiracy theories, and everything unknown. Every inch of the Contraband deck was designed from scratch - the court cards, the Aces, and even inside of the box."

Laced with gold, structured around custom typography, these playing cards use an art deco approach to create a one of a kind design that is highly detailed. 

"Best of all: The Contraband Book Lamp. Two very special, 50-year old books. Each book has a secret. The top book is a functional lamp, handcrafted with an Edison bulb and antique nickel power switch. Slide the top book to reveal a secret compartment hidden inside. Four decks of Contraband Playing Cards reside within - yours to use or replace with contraband of your own."

Designed by Jo White


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