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Soreq Winery

by Elena Massucco on 04/01/2015 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Soreq Winery is a boutique winery producing 35,000 bottles a year which also operates as Israel’s leading wine making program. The school has the advantage of operating within an active winery, allowing the students to gain real-world experience in the winemaking craft. 

Editorial photograph

Annie Selby, who designed the label for the bottles, says: “The wine label design had to incorporate the message of a school whilst looking elegant and expensive. There is a lot of texts that had to appear on the label, and still look simplistic and elegant. We designed a wrap around a label to incorporate the flow of the label into a more interesting way and support all the text.” We love the elegant use of foil and how aged and not aged wines have been typographically differentiated, with embossing done for the former and not for the latter. Classy.

Editorial photograph

Designed by Annie Selby Brand Design

Country: Israel 

Creative Director: Annie Selby 

Printer: SLR Printing Israel

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