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by Elizabeth Freeman on 03/31/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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For those who are always on the move but don't want to sacrifice having good skin. SACHETTE is here to the rescue. A mini cosmetic care package that can easily be stored in the smallest of crevices. Designed by Maria Aksyuta, small sachette or sample packets are dressed in floral. "Complete and comprehensive skin care in any situation? It is possible! Perfectly selected collection of cosmetics is in front of you. Cosmetics you can always take with you. All your skin needs is constant care and attention."

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"We offer unique and modern products in a compact sachet package, which miraculously fit even into a handbag. They replace the usual care products that you commonly use at home, during a business trip, vacation, and fitness."

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

"Yesterday you could not imagine that the whole set of boudoir will fit into a compact mini-makeup case today! Times change, the pace of life accelerates, so we have created a new approach to skin care.Taking care of the form we have not forgotten about the content. WithSachette you get not just a standard set of tools, but truly unique and effective cosmetic products containing natural plant and fruit extracts, natural oils and peptides"Always take care of yourself - it's easy!

Designed by Maria Aksyuta

Country: Russia

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