by Elizabeth Freeman on 03/25/2015 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Dimitra is a new Greek beauty company that bases their products off of organic St.John's wort oil, made from a plant that is said to cure the human body and soul. Designed by 2YOLK, brown bottles with a dropper are packaged in a bed of floral that can be seen through a dicut raindrop. 

"When it comes to products that have an almost miraculous effect, we often use the expression 'one drop is enough'. This phrase provided the inspiration for the creation of the company logo which was designed as a drop concealing the capital letter “?”, the first letter of the name Dimitra, the ancient Greek goddess of agriculture."

Editorial photograph

"In each one of the Dimitra products, the logo accommodates a unique visual of a retro, almost nostalgic, flower illustration: the bright, yellow flower of the Hypericum Perforatum plant is intertwined with the flower of the blended essential oil (lavender, rose, birch, etc.). Equally varied is the typography, with the colour of the font corresponding to each of the secondary herb-ingredient."

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

"Through the design of the DIMITRA brand, we intended to establish the values of a company that not only creates its own products, but also cultivates the oils it uses. Featuring an almost "Doric" design, the packaging reflects the eco-friendly character and holistic philosophy of the Dimitra brand and its products."

Editorial photograph

Designed by 2YOLK

Country: Greece

Managing Director/Co-Founder: Emmanouela Bitsaxaki

Creative Director/Co-Founder: George Karayiannis

Graphic Design: Souzana Vandorou

Studio Manager: Alexander Papaloudi

Account Manager: Stefania Papakosta

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