Volkswagen | Instant Off-Road Kit

by Elizabeth Freeman on 03/23/2015 | 1 Minute Read

Every week journalists receive a sea of brochures and promotional materials from companies, all trying to get their products written up. Working for their client Volkswagen, Soho Square of Dubai, put together a fun “Instant Off-Road Kit” which really succeeded in getting noticed. “Let’s be honest, most people don’t take their off-road vehicle off-roading. It’s for these people that we’ve created this convenient off-road kit. It gets you to the great outdoors and back in less than 5 minutes. Without having to travel there at all.” 

A vintage, military-style medical box housed all the contents of the adventure pack. Rugged on the outside, with a Volkswagen blue sandblasted matte finish, type and logo stenciling, a lock pad and a carry handle.Inside the kit you will find tongue-in-cheek humor, playful illustrations, unique typography and essentials such as “fake blood” and “spray on blood.” A designer's playground! “With a limited budget we needed to find an intriguing way to inject a bit of fun, Volkswagen style.”

The Off-Road Guide is a newsprint paper booklet, printed using only black ink. The “off-road” story is through hand-drawn illustrations and a lot of humor. To break free from the traditional VW styleguide, Soho Square used experimental typography throughout all the materials - it’s not the usual clean font palette you are used to seeing from the brand. This isn’t your average promotion. And, these aren’t your average Volkswagen branded materials. Winning a Silver award for Promotional Item Design at Dubai Lynx Festival 2015 - the entire kit has been a successful stand out.

Designed by Soho Square 

Client: Volkswagen Middle East Country: United Arab Emerites

Executive Creative Director: Ramzi Moutran 

Creative Director: Sascha Kuntze 

Art Direction & Design: Jesse Bray and Irfan Ghani 

Copywriter: Gavin Stradi 

illustrator: Jagath Nanayakkara


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