by Elizabeth Freeman on 03/03/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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Guiltless gluttony is what Pricake can be called, with miniature cupcakes placed in trays surrounded by a lime green floral pattern created by 100% Design em Movimento. The cupcakes are then covered and given a handle for easy transportation. "Developing all visual identity, from branding concept, stationery and packaging to store identity for Pricake, which came to life from a dream of creating a product capable of uniting the naturalness of the ingredients to the gourmet universe. All of this harmony is achieved with a mini cupcake, about the size of a PET bottle cap." 

Editorial photograph

"The main challenge was balancing the natural and healthy with the refined and indulging. That’s how the concept of the brand came about: uniting the mini cupcakes shape simplicity with the leaf, representing naturalness. This concept extends from the store to the consumer’s home. The boxes have been developed in order to feature the mini cupcakes beauty, creating mystery, like a jewellery box, and also favoring the sustainable use, through a handle on top of the box which eliminates the need for an extra bag."

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

"Ever since its opening, the shop has been a major success, selling out the whole production on a daily basis and working twice as hard to handle all orders by demand, besides being a part of the gourmet circuit in São Paulo city."

Editorial photograph

Designed by 100% Design em Movimento

Country: Brazil

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