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Before & After: Iron Springs Brewery

by Jenifer Tracy on 03/16/2015 | 4 Minute Read

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I ALWAYS love a good “before and after” design project. And, the work  BrandMade Design Co. has created for Iron Springs Brewery does not disappoint. Iron Springs is a local watering hole in the heart of Marin County, California – a cycling and hippie epicenter known for its music, nightlife, and as the birthplace of mountain biking. Iron Springs asked BrandMade Design Co. to evolve their identity and packaging for their award-winning beers, making sure to infuse the unique community vibe into the designs.

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“It was important that the brand exude the feeling of the community that surrounds Iron Springs – a crossroads of tree huggers and bike culture nestled within beautiful surroundings.”The “before” label artwork was simple, a solid color background, a picture of a local lake, small typography, and no distinct brand ownership present which these beers really deserve. The “after” labels that BrandMade Design Co. rolled out bring all of the missing elements to the table. First up, a proper Iron Springs Brewery logo. Placed prominently at the top of the label, the logo combines bikes, a glass pint, and bold typography spelling out the company name. 

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“After pints of research, we knew that elevating the distinct nature and personality of each small batch, handcrafted brew was job one.”The craft paper used for the labels add an artisan feeling to the product, along with the different etched illustrations found on each label. And, such strong typography! The first letter of each beer name is blow up and placed in a bright color front & center, easy to recognize your favorite with a glance. As I look over the label again and again, I continue noticing small details added in for whimsy, such as the UPC bar code made into a hill with a bike riding down it!

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“The final packaging solution celebrates the individual character and inside story of each product in a nostalgic, honest and impactful manner. A montage of illustration, typographic heroes and clever copy all meld together on a craft backdrop. Individually, they are beautiful, but the magic happens when they are viewed as a set.”BrandMade Design Co. has balanced a perfect hybrid of classic spirit packaging and vintage Americana poster art in the final designs. Seeing this family of Iron Springs brews lined up together, I know they will be attention getter’s out in the world of craft beers.

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Designed by BrandMade Design Co.

Country: United States