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Revel Chocolate

by Elizabeth Freeman on 03/02/2015 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

"Reval Chocolate represents an über-contemporary take on classic chocolate – new truffles for the modern man. A sweet mouthful much like life itself – full of different flavors, aromas and emotions. Each Reval Chocolate truffle box carries a secret stash of happiness hormone to keep you active and vibrant."


Editorial photograph

"This is also reflected in the names of the five, soon six different boxes of truffles: ALWAYS IN LOVE / More euphoria than one can take / classic truffles WITH A SHARP TONGUE / The world belongs to the brave / spicy truffles SLIGHT BUZZ / It keeps becoming more and more beautiful / alcohol truffles SINFULLY SWEET / You are always forgiven / berry and fruit truffles O HOLY NIGHT / The sweetest time of the year / truffles with a Christmas feeling YOU ARE SO CUTE / I’d give all the flowers to you / truffles for your Valentine"

The chocolate box design, developed by AD Angels, uses a color-coding system in combination with a symbolic graphic for seasonal themed chocolates. 

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed by AD Angels

Client: Reval Kondiiter

Country: Estonia 

Art Director: Triin Heimann 

Copywriter: Jaanus Adamson 

Creative Director: Kärt Villmann 

Project Manager: Kristi Pedai 

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