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by Jenifer Tracy on 02/11/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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As a woman, I have fallen in love with the new bath collection from Marionnaud, soley based on the packaging designs alone (men feel free to fall in love too). The always exceptional London agency Biles Inc. was tasked with developing and visually expressing a proposition around the notion of ‘collection’. “The range consists of over fifty bath and body products, including shower gels, shower creams, bath oils, soaps, body and hand creams. Built around five uniquely commissioned fragrances, and including additional limited edition fragrance lines.”

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The brand color palette for this collection is based on a beautiful rosy-peach shade which is used for both the packaging and the actual product inside the containers. Working with a color that is subtlely classic, the palette is then combined with bright, modern shades of pinks, corals and purples which together create a perfect balance of hues. 

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Marionnaud is a Paris based company, known for its luxury perfumes and cosmetics, and you can see the inspiration Biles Inc. found in classic Parisian perfume packaging. Fragrance numbers, which are assigned by perfumeries, are a key design element featured on each product’s label, typeset in a regal serif font. And probably my favorite design element is the embossing and frosting of beautiful filigree patterns on the boxes and jars – inspired by classic Art Nouveau bottles. Biles Inc. was also responsible for the naming and structural design of the collection, in addition to the graphics. With no detail overlooked, they have drawn inspiration for the bespoke bottle shapes from vintage hip flask style perfume bottles. 

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An overall gorgeous and perfect packaging design collection that’s won my heart. Biles Inc. creative director Anthony Biles said “this was a unique opportunity to create a flagship range for a large beauty retailer, working closely with the client to achieve a sweet spot where the packaging would appeal to the different consumer sensibilities country-by-country”.

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Designed by Biles Inc.

Country: United Kingdom

City: London


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