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WORKT Knee Sleeve Bag

by Elizabeth Freeman on 02/04/2015 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Crossfit Knee Sleeves are stuffed inside a translucent metallic pouch branded with the WORKT logo. Designed by Weapon Agency, the bag is delicately sectioned into geometric shapes constrained inside a black frame. The black continues to the back of the package where a brief description about the product can be found. 

Editorial photograph

"WORKT engaged our agency to create a packaging system for their Crossfit knee sleeves. The challenge was to design a system that was appropriate for both retail and online shipment. Our agency went to work in creating a unique method of packaging the knee sleeves while still maintaining impact in the aesthetic. The result is a packaging piece that is both interesting and bold."

Editorial photograph

Designed by Weapon Agency

Country: United States

City: Salt Lake City

Creative Director: Ash Ram 

Senior Designer: Katrina Sutton

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