Tava Organics

by Elizabeth Freeman on 03/04/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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"Tava Organics is an artisan producer of organic ghee, or clarified butter. Miller was tasked with creating Tava’s branding and packaging design. These premium triple-filtered butters are made in small batches with unique flavors, based on Ayurvedic traditions."

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Made with love this product needed equal attention with its packaging. The design focuses on the logo that whips around for an added flare. The brand is founded on the principle of giving back and a small example of this philosophy is that every label features the photographer’s name who took the photo that appears on the package.

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"Miller created the logo, packaging design, assisted in sourcing the ideal jars and provided copywriting. In addition, we customized a cost-effective Shopify-powered website; populating it with content and customizing various attributes for a polished, cohesive brand voice across all touchpoints."

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Designed by Miller Creative

Country: United States

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