Moolanda Workers

by Grant Van Sant on 02/26/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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Moolanda is the new name for LanzThomson, boutique premium wine producers from Barossa Valley. Cornershop were appointed to develop a brand identity for the company and packaging for three tiers of wines. Moolanda is an Aboriginal word meaning "on the far side". The Moolanda vineyard is located on the far side of Barossa Valley.

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Aboriginal tribes roamed the valley for thousands of years and understood its uni que qualities. Several rock art sites found in the region contain ancient drawings created using red, yellow and white ochre; rocks which can be found on the Moolanda vineyard this very day. The way the soil interacts with these rocks affects how the vines grow. They are an invaluable part of the grape growing process for Moolanda. 

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The Moolanda ‘Workers’ packaging is inspired by the hard-working individuals who cultivated the land, such as the growers who tend the vineyard and help hand craft the wines. The textures and colors of the illustration are inspired by the distinct rocks on the property.

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Designed by Cornershop

Country: Australia


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