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Creature Comforts Brewing Co.

by Jenifer Tracy on 02/24/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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Over the years, beer can & label design just continue to grow opportunities for designers to really flex their creativity and produce some amazing end products. Young Athenians, a Georgia based design studio, has just expanded their portfolio with knock out beer can designs for their neighboring craft brewery, Creature Comforts. “As community-oriented locavores, working with Creature Comforts was a way of supporting our neighbors just down the street.”

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The scope of work was to design a suite of 3 beers cans – Tropicalia, Athena and Reclaimed Rye, each individual and unique in it’s artwork but still maintaining the overall aesthetic of Creature Comforts. The designs of both Tropicalia and Athena are specific to the flavors of the beer and have wonderful small details in the can art. Can you see the tiny person floating on their back on the Tropicalia can? Did you notice the “band playing tonight” on the Athena can is named Lacto Bacillus (an ingredient used to make sour beers)? So clever!“Each design was born from a collaborative process between the brewers and our illustrators.”

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The Reclaimed Rye really takes detail to another level, with intricate hand-drawn artwork that somehow expresses the texture of wood on a flat, smooth beer can. “The wood images on the can were all hand-drawn to capture the feel of the reclaimed wood inside the brewery tasting room, the “kitchen” where such an original and delicious beer was first cooked up.”And you might want to take at peek at Creature Comforts website, which Young Athenians also designed - it's quite beautiful and captures the brewery’s brand and spirit. I’m sure all this design work is drawing a lot of attention in their small town of Athens, Georgia. And I know it's going to be drawing attention in the design community too & most likely winning some awards along the way.

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Designed by Young Athenians

Country: United States

State: Georgia

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