The Alcoholidays : I Love You [ ] Man [ ] Woman

by Elizabeth Freeman on 02/13/2015 | 1 Minute Read

"Every agency says they love their clients, but how many of them would go to lengths to profess their love through the gift of alcoholic beverages? We do. Meet the latest installment of 1 Trick Pony's Alcoholidays. A cupid's arrow packed with "a sensual 6-pack of situation enhancers." 

Slender shipping tubes are embossed and handdrawn with a lovely gold arrow.  Each arrow contains 6 airplane bottles that give you that little extra umph to make Valentine's Day as blissfully as the greeting card companies would have you believe it could be. Start your day off with a little MORNING WOULD – a bottle of Bailey's that reads: Morning Would... be much more enjoyable once you introduce Bailey to your cup of Joe. Or maybe you'd prefer a dozen long-stemmed Tequilas. Whatever your poison, this Alcoholidays package is bound to bring some pleasure.

"Tubes were wrapped in 70# French Paper Speckletone Black and silkscreened 2-color black and metallic gold in-house at 1 Trick Pony's PR1NT Shop. Bottles were re-labeled with stickers print 2-color offset, black and metallic gold at Omega Printing in Egg Harbor Township, NJ. Each tube was personally labeled with a gold Sharpie."

The overall design is fun and witty, taking Valentine's Day to a new level beyond flowers, roses, and a romantic dinner. 

Designed by 1trickpony

Country: United States


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