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The Power of Paper: ON

by Elena Massucco on 02/02/2015 | 4 Minute Read

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Produced by Design Army, The Power of Paper: ON promotion by Neenah is a creative exercise for package design created to surprise, enlighten and inspire the creative mind, an objective that is achieved at first glance. When you're done coveting the box, open it up to reveal 10 different printed samples, — including a luxury perfume box and a scratch-n-sniff cookie box — 11 production techniques and 18 different papers. This promotion is visual, it’s tactile, it’s three-dimensional, and it makes you want to explore it. The key concept behind this is how paper is an integral part of the larger campaign. 

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The ON NEENAH paper promotion starts with a beautiful exterior box, wrapped in two different papers, smooth and pearlized. The papers are enhanced with print and foil, and completely wrap the box top both inside and out, creating an immediate awareness of what a premium box presentation looks like.

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“When designing packaging sometimes you have to think about how the package is going to be packaged. How is it being handled, how will it be transported? The box carrier, made from Neenah Folding Board was designed afterwards, to make it easy for people to carry. It’s like a cool shopping bag."

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Once you easily slide off the top of the box, you’ll find a portfolio of both two- and three-dimensional print examples. The portfolio folder houses seven different samples. Each sample is separated by a tab that offers a piece of research related to print and/or packaging, underscoring the importance of 3-dimensional messages in today’s digital world. Among the demonstrations in a luxury perfume box, a two-dimensional, mobile-friendly hangtag designed to enrich the shopping experience, a confectionary packaging with scratch-and-sniff ink wafting the scent of freshly baked cookies, a luxury retail gift card and opulent sleeve design and a velvety flocked broadside poster. 

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“It’s a joy to introduce this idea box to customers. ON shows Neenah’s seductive array of colors and textures for commercial printing and luxury packaging applications. The Internet continues to disrupt traditional approaches to communicating and shopping — offering more opportunity to use the power of paper to stand apart,” says Tom Wright, director of advertising and design for Neenah. “We continue to emphasize what can be done digitally. Digital now offers clients the flexibility to do smaller, more customized project runs with an increasing range of textures and colors,” he says.

The Power of Paper: ON is about exploring ideas and techniques. It’s designed to be interactive, to let people discover the power of paper.

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Designed by Design Army

Client: Neenah Paper

Country: United States

Prepress and Printing: Fey Printing


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