Design Today: Anagrama X Amado

by Elizabeth Freeman on 02/02/2015 | 5 Minute Read

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Anagrama is an international branding, architecture and software development firm with offices in Monterrey and Mexico City. Besides their history and experience with brand development, they are also experts in the design and development of objects, spaces, software and multimedia projects. Anagrama creates the perfect balance between a design boutique and a business consultancy, from focusing on the development of creative pieces with the utmost attention to details, to providing perfect solutions based on the analysis of tangible data. Anagrama seeks to change the way people experience packaging by creating otherworldly designs, experimenting with luxurious surface finishes, typography, and a non-traditional color palette. Amado by Hyatt is a recent project that takes the concept of a bakery and elevates it in an unusual way. Instead of going in the direction of what's expected for food packaging, Anagrama challenges the consumer with a saturation of neon pink, purple, green, and blue overlaid with gold embossed patterns. 

In this interview, I talk to Roby Arriaga about the Amado by Hyatt project and what they consider a successful design.

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What were some of the challenges of this project?

The graphic vision surrounding Mexican culture has been worn out; the world expects to see luchadores, Frida Kahlo, and other recurring elements to refer to Mexico. The challenge for us was to successfully transmit Mexican values in a novel and original way.

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What is unique about the Amado packaging?

Each individual packaging has its own unique composition; we were quite picky about having each packaging’s area be something special.

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How does the nature of the project drive your design?

The brief leads us to find the creative solution, it helps us grasp and understand the project’s needs and what it intends to communicate.

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 Where do you find your inspiration?

Inspiration comes from everywhere and everything: music, textures, aromas, and colors.

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How do you define Anagram's aesthetic?

We attempt to start off from a design formula that allows us to manipulate the impact we want to achieve, in some cases giving it more weight if needed. We try to focus attention on important fragments in a seductive manner at first as we try to flaunt with a beautiful visual idea that’s tied to the message and the concept.

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What do you consider a successful design?

A successful design is able to communicate the intended message; it creates an experience through visual elements. 

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What kind of projects are you most excited to work on?

We like to work with interesting clients who love what they do; people who are experts and talented at what really matters to them. We really care about our work and when you combine this with those types of clients you end up with the best results.

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 If you can give one advice to a prospective packaging designer what would it be?

It’s important to think about packaging as independent pieces, each with their own unique personality. Additionally, you should never label yourself as something specific (such as a packaging designer), a designer needs to be versatile, like a Swiss army knife, and be comfortable with working in fields such as typography, composition, copywriting, and criteria.

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What's next for Anagrama?

New website, new updates. We’d also like to keep working with more international brands.


What is exciting you about design today?

Checking our inbox to see who’s knocking on our door.

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