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Chips & Salsa

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 12/09/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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I’d say it’s about time for a snack break, wouldn’t you? These chips and salsas, designed by Farm Design, are just the kind of thing I’d love to pull from the pantry when I’m feeling a bit hungry.

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

“Farm Design was approached to develop packaging design for tortilla chips and salsa. The challenge was to create packaging that had personality without an umbrella brand. The result features delicate illustrations and refined type that exudes character and sophistication across all items.”

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Since the chips and salsa weren’t operating under a larger brand, it allowed Farm Design to focus on the product and its fresh, delicious ingredients. A colorful and detailed drawing of one of the main ingredients appears on the packaging, giving it a slightly rustic vibe. Each item has a batch number, emphasizing the care and attention that goes into each bag of chips or jar of salsa. The labels are crisp and uncluttered, indicating the freshness of the ingredients used for the products.

Editorial photograph

Designed by Farm Design

Country: United States

City: Pasadena, CA

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