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Before & After: Wild Turkey

by Elizabeth Freeman on 12/07/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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A job promotion is certainly a reason to celebrate! Wild Turkey is making some changes to its packaging, said to reflect Eddie Russell’s recent promotion to the position of master distiller. His father, Jimmy, created Wild Turkey 101 and his signature is featured on the label, and now Eddie’s signature is placed on Wild Turkey Bourbon.

Russell comments, “We wanted the new packaging to capture the hard work, craftsmanship, and heart that goes into making Wild Turkey. My father and I have been making whiskey the same way for over 60 years. From hand selecting the grain, to bottling the liquid, and everything in between, we make sure our product is made the right way – the traditional way – at every single stage. We’re proud of our whiskey, and we’re glad to have packaging that embodies that.”

Wild Turkey’s product has not changed, but the packaging now features a new turkey illustration that has personality and pride. The new Wild Turkey varieties also include a rich, forest green and a split label design, highlighting the premium quality and unique character of the whiskey. Every label differs slightly, although they do have some similarities: a strip stamp with gold foiled writing including the phrase ‘crafted with conviction,’ a circular Wild Turkey marking embossed on the glass with the words ‘bold, genuine, true,’ and new, realistic turkey illustrations on the label designed by wildlife artist, Julie Rhodes.


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The following varieties of Wild Turkey have been revamped and are currently being released: Wild Turkey Bourbon (formerly known as Wild Turkey 81), Wild Turkey 101, Wild Turkey Bourbon (formally known as Wild Turkey 86.8, in Australia only), Wild Turkey Rye, Wild Turkey 101 Rye, and Wild Turkey 101 8 Year Old (in Japan only). The remaining ones in the range, including Kentucky Spirit and Rare Breed, will get a packaging refresh in 2016.

Melanie Batchelor, global vice president for spirits at Gruppo Campari, adds, “While sticking with our traditional recipe and authentic values, we are excited to present new global packaging for Wild Turkey. Proudly and prominently featuring our turkey brand icon, this new premium look is the result of in-depth research, consulting with our distillery, and listening to bartenders and consumers. With the explosion in interest we’ve seen in the bourbon and rye categories, driven by classic cocktail trends, we’ve seized the opportunity for bold premiumisation. With this new, proud, and striking design, our packaging for Wild Turkey will now stand out amongst the competition as well as our award-winning liquid has done for decades.”

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Designed by: Gruppo Campari

Country: Italy