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Trompe Hill Absinthe

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 01/07/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Absinthe is powerful stuff not for the faint of heart. Emily Kemp developed this striking design for Trompe Hill Absinthe that looks dangerously alluring and mysterious.

"The brand Trompe Hill is inspired by the English writer, architect and man of many hats Horace Walpole and his Victorian Gothic villa Strawberry Hill. Both Walpole himself, his villa, and this wormwood infused spirit known as Absinthe still fool many an eye and keep enthusiasts coming back for more. I approached the logo using a playful and mysterious pattern surrounding Trompe to elude to the magnificent deception which surrounds someone when they've experienced Strawberry Hill, or perhaps consumed Absinthe."

Editorial photograph

Immediately what the buyer notices is a rich, bright green which adds to Trompe Hill’s tempting appearance. Against the black of the label, bottle top, and box, it also makes it seems as if the absinthe is glowing. The letter “E” at the end of Trompe is written backwards, giving consumers a taste of the mind-altering effects that absinthe is sometimes known for. The Trompe Hill name is surrounded by detailed illustrations, nodding to the great care that goes into creating the product.

Editorial photograph

Designed by Emily Kemp

Country: United States