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Dead Good Ale

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 01/07/2016 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

“And god looked down and saw that it was Goody Ales and said, ‘Let there be light ales, bitters, and stouts.” You may have missed that passage in the good book, but what it stresses is Goody Ales’ commitment to making pure Kentish beer using traditional methods. Their latest release, Dead Good Ale, was designed by Sand Creative to harness a deep-down darkness with a respect for a bit of history as well.

Editorial photograph

"Dead Good is an Amber Bitter brewed by Kentish brewery Goody ales. The Beer is inspired by the Dead horse Morris dancers and the bottle features the Morris's troops' Emblem - the horse head."

"In the past dancers used to black out their faces to disguise themselves as the dancing was once illegal in medieval England. This darkness is reflected not only in the Deep rich Ale but also within the design itself. This ale is distributed to on Draught to pubs around Kent and also available bottled in the off licenses."

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Dead Good Ale has a sort of mystical look about it – perhaps its the ominous-looking horse head on the front of the label or the whips of colored ribbons waving around. Silver stands out against the black label, also giving the beer a clean appearance. The crisp graphics and simple, thin text choices give the impression that Dead Good Ale is hiding something delicious behind that label. 

Editorial photograph

Designed by Sand Creative 

Client: Karen and Peter Goody

Country: United Kingdom

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