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by Theresa Christine Johnson on 01/04/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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What better way to bring a smile to someone’s face than to give them a bar of chocolate? Saint Choco’s beautifully clever packaging, designed by Goze Ekim, combines traditional symbols with a contemporary design percept.

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“Saint Choco is a project which is devoted to making children smile and to remind us that we are human beings regardless of religion, language or race. Saint Choco's approach to chocolate in all of its collections is like parents' approach to their children. All the details from choosing ingredients to packaging, designing of the packages, aim of selling, creating the contents of the collections and to visual richness are prepared by thinking.”

“The design of the brand is described so as to tell the starting point of the project namely church. Furthermore, Saint Choco is not only a corporate identity or social responsibility project. It aims to form a good quality brand with all the details thought from packages to the uniforms worn. In social responsibility projects the aim is usually raising money, but this project's aim is to introduce customers to good quality. With this project we wanted to draw attention to problems of today's world.”

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Using distinct lines, Saint Choco pulls inspiration from religious denominations but repurposes it for the universal love of chocolate. The outer packaging opens like a small book or pamphlet, sharing information about the high quality of each chocolate bar. Saint Choco also has special holiday and Easter packaging, incorporating the typical colors of the season with the iconic brand’s image at the top. This makes Saint Choco recognizable while giving it the opportunity for other lines of chocolate in the future.

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Designed by Goze Ekim

Country: Turkey

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