Old Cellar Dweller Barleywine

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 12/21/2015 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

“In a dark and secret place, away from prying eyes and thirsty cellar hands, this dense, warming beer will mellow and become sherry-like with age. Unearth early for a more hop-forward experience. Others may be laid to rest – this one was born to wait.”

We’re quite a fan of the work Hired Guns Creative does for Driftwood Brewing Company, and it’s certainly not the first time we’ve featured them here on The Dieline. The latest from Driftwood is a barleywine with a stunning label to match. Against a frosted amber bottle, the eerie illustration and dripping wax communicate the time and dedication put into aging each bottle of Old Cellar Dweller.

Editorial photograph

“For Driftwood Brewery’s Old Cellar Dweller barleywine, our task was to design a label that showcases the strong character of the beer, while speaking to its aging potential. To these ends, we chose to illustrate our take on a grinning skull, favoring a bold, graphic approach. The dieline protrudes with ribs, teeth, and the long outjutting arm bones that create an excess of negative space, at once playful and decadent. Wax dip and gold foil lend the final touches and the spark of life to our skeleton in wait.”

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Designed by Hired Guns Creative

Client: Driftwood Brewing Company

Country: Canada

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