Mulling-Over 2015

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 12/17/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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I always appreciate a clever play on words. Mulling-Over 2015 is the perfect drink to help you reflect on the past year — a mulled wine, of course. The festive bottle pulls from traditional Nordic Christmas patterns, with each row representing an anecdote from each month of the year and a narrative on the back.

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“As we mull-over another great year, we’d like to thank you for being a part of it, Merry Christmas from all at Buddy and we hope you enjoy a warming end to the year, we certainly will. The label is printed red and black on a silver substrate with a subtle metallic finish and matt varnish for a premium festive feel.”

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Mulling-Over 2015 elicits all of those wonderful, warm feelings that we get from the holidays—the joy of being with family, of taking a look at ourselves and how far we’ve come, and of taking a moment to slow down and enjoy life. Traditional Nordic inspiration certainly creates a sense of nostalgia, reminding us of holidays past and embodying what we always want the holidays to feel like. The label uses only a festive red that gleams against the black of the label. Additionally, the story on the back feels special and sweet. Most wine bottles have just a short paragraph on the back of the label, whereas Mulling-Over 2015 includes a longer story, making it especially nice for a holiday celebration.

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Designed by Buddy

Country: United Kingdom


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