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What is Tylenol Care+ ?

Enhanced with interactive intelligence, the future of Tylenol offers an unparalleled experience for parents to monitor and keep track of medicine usage of their children.

Problem: Over-the-counter today

The most common problems parents face when purchasing over-the-counter drugs:1. Shelf Presence: information overload2. Usability: Unclear direction and information3. Track & Usage: Misuse and overdose4. Security: Child safety.

Solution: The future of Tylenol

Tylenol Care+ enhanced with smart technology, such as NFC, E-ink, Flexible OLED and Bluetooth technology, to provide convenience and assurance to the safety for the user. 

What Tyelnol Care+ offers:

1. Interactive Information Display : User is able to zoom in, expand and shrink on selective needed information for improved legibility.2. Interactive Dosing Chart: Connected with your smartphone and other devices, Tylenol care+ will advise the correct dosing amount based on your child's health and wellness data.3. Monitoring System: Linked with smart devices, Tylenol Care+ will track and alert when it's time to take the medicine to avoid misusing or overdosing. 4. Safety Ring: Tylenol Care+ has an integrated safety ring feature to alert parents when the bottle is opened unintentionally. 5. Manufacturer Recall: Able to notify to the user immediately to stop using the medicine during the recall processes. 6. New Dispensing System: Innovative dispensing feature helps parents to fill up the medicine easily without pouring it out.

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