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by Jessica Deseo on 12/15/2015 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

What it means: Who hasn’t found themselves trying to apply a bandage to themselves with only one hand available? On top of that, have to deal with all the disposable material and small trash left over? We wanted to create a sterile environment that would let bandage application be simple, easy and very effective. BandEase is the answer. With a sterile sealed environment, and built on existing dispenser technology, every bandage rolls off and onto the desired surface with one-hand, pin point accuracy.

How it's done: The package is intentionally reminiscent of personal technology packaging. The product is put heroically forward and then supported in a very respectful, yet informative way by its benefits and product demonstration. Behind it all is a clear gloss varnish cross that underlines the medical efficacy of the entire proposition. The pack itself is a wallet folded, carded vacuum-formed red plastic shell…bringing to mind immediate care kits and allowing the device to be highlighted upon opening.

Editorial photograph

Why it works: The BandEase device presents a new way to treat wound care immediately, effectively and without waste. The highly technical, very intuitive and overtly efficacious delivery of its intent and purpose help to make it a home infirmary staple.

Designer/naming: Lori Cerwin

Industrial Designer:  Jim Shumaker, 

Creative Director & Naming: Lori Cerwin, Rob Swan

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