by Jessica Deseo on 12/15/2015 | 1 Minute Read

Challenge: Revitalize the existing Autozone brand and develop a strong and highly conceptual, yet believable, new brand identity. Ultimately, present a cogent marketing program through the application of this brand identity to four or more packaging products. 

Fixing your car is not the mundane task it used to be; it’s transformed into an experience that results in a rewarding sensation. Autozone attracts the do-it-yourself customer, but what they haven't highlighted is the feeling of accomplishment that accompanies completing these tasks. Everyone has to start from the beginning, but fear prevents newcomers from tackling something even as simple as changing their own oil. Autozone focuses on the idea of man embracing his true masculinity by welcoming new challenges and seizing the day. The rebrand of Autozone eliminates the fear of inadequacy and empowers you to discover the heroic triumph of getting the job done. Chivalry isn't dead.

The new mark for Autozone focuses on man embracing his true masculinity. The beveled edges match the ruggedness of every man that works on his car. The outer shape allows the mark to work as a badge, able to stand on its own, similarly to badges for superheroes, boy scouts, and all who are willing to overcome new challenges. Autozone invites the curious and confident man to discover his true capabilities.

?The subtle arrow pattern, inspired by tire tracks, reflects my concept that fixing your car doesn't need to be a mundane task. Working on your car may seem like a chore, but it ends up being a rewarding and satisfying experience. This unexpected surprise when the packaging is seen close up is how I want customers to feel when they overcome a new obstacle and realize how easy it was to begin with.

Please see website for more detailed photos.

Designer: Tina Tsung  

School: Art Center College of Design

City/Country: Los Angeles, USA


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