SWEET CHARITY HONEY — made with love

by Elizabeth Freeman on 12/17/2015 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

There are many Honey Brands out there in the market but none as elegant as this one. Packaged by MILCH + HONIG designkultur, raw honey is cultivated and poured into short glass containers and delicately wrapped in satin pink and red paper. An inscription is written in gold lettering, adding a special touch that is not often considered with bigger brands. To open the container, the consumer has to tear around the perforated line, an act that is similar to unwrapping presents. 

"From this idea, the high-quality “Sweet Charity Art-edition” was born. With it we have realized our dream to package a “good cause” into a high-quality design. This campaign supports One piece of that edition are that sweet honey glasses. True to the Motto “one for all – all for one” we take a stand for the individuals and for the many. In the course of our Charity “Honey“ projects this honey set “made with love“ was born. Given with love – in the small messages, which make that little extra difference. The double out of certified organic honey expresses a central fundamental message: Taste me and LOVE ME!"

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Designer: Christina John & Rafael Dietzel Printer: Gotteswinter und Aumaier

Designed by MILCH + HONIG designkultur

Country: Germany

City: Munich

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