Progresso Cooking Stock

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 12/14/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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No doubt, you can definitely feel a difference in your body when you eat well versus when you eat food from the vending machine. Progresso, the soup company, has a passion for real, quality food that is healthy and delicious. With their new cooking stocks, they faced a dilemma, though—how to respect their 100+ years of heritage and their loyal customers but also appeal to adventurous cooks who want to try something new.

“In order to communicate the higher quality of product inside the package, the design needed to appeal to cooks’ creative aspirations as well as demonstrate clear superiority over the competition. By understanding that premium brands create trends rather than follow them, the result was a solution that radically broke category conventions—building on years of heritage to create a fresh, new perspective.”

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The new cooking stocks are certainly a refreshing change from their typical packaged cans. Instead of a busy label with a cornucopia of vegetables, Progresso Cooking Stock simplifies and essentially takes a more artisan approach. Two complementary blues, realistic drawings of the ingredients or livestock, and a contemporary font appeal to both current Progresso customers and those looking for a fresh, healthy dinner solution.

“Using lively, classic illustrations, modern typography, and a fresh color palette, we emphasized craftsmanship and love of the ingredients inside. The side of the packaging touches on Progresso’s heritage and love for food, and gives suggestions to inspire our cooks to create their next perfect dish.”

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Designed by Hornall Anderson

Country: United States

City: Seattle

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