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Guantes Verri / Verri Gloves

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 12/14/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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From novice to advanced, Verri Gloves are created for athletic customers with varying needs. The line of gloves, designed by Didier Roberti for sale at Walmart stores, understands that an experienced athlete expects different things from gear than someone who is just beginning.

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“Redesigning the packaging of four models of gloves and a belt was requested from Verri®, gloves for sports uses. Verri® need to be present to be consistent with their competitors on the shelves of Walmart® stores. Gloves and belts were separated into two categories: ‘Amateur’ and ‘Pro,’ each of these lines is under a concept. As for ‘Amateur’ packaging, it must be friendly and provide security for the customer that is just beginning in sports practices, and comfortable to generate empathy with the product. ‘Pro’ is aimed at an audience that already performs sports frequently and expects more of the product, and the packaging that conveys professionalism and technology.”

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The way it’s set up, it would seem that the “Amateur” line builds trust with customers, while the “Pro” gear retains those customers over time. “Amateur” gear is bright and welcoming, using white, gray, and a robin’s egg blue, while “Pro” gloves rely on a more serious combination of mostly gray, white, and splashes of orange. Both types of gloves are packaged in tear-open bags, giving buyers a sense that the product is pristine and new—certainly a state it won’t be in later after plenty of use and workouts. The back of the packaging uses graphs and other images to convey information, giving Verri a more scientific approach.

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Designed by Didier Roberti

Client: Guantes Verri / Walmart

Country: Mexico