Slingsby Artisan Gin

by Elizabeth Freeman on 11/09/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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Slingsby Artisan Gin is a new premium spirit embodying the distinctively extraordinary character of Harrogate, crafted by Underscore. The gin is served from a beautiful jewel-like bottle adorned with ornamental leaves, two Great Britain flags, and the Slingsby crest. The blue bottle is given a slimmed down waist for a more comfortable pour while the neck is capped off with a gold seal. 

"The artisan spirit market is not only a highly competitive category but one in which only truly unique propositions are capable of standing out. Underscore’s challenge, therefore, was to develop a brand and identity eye-catching enough to be disruptive but also embodying a heritage and underlying story capable of cementing the new product as a permanent fixture in the market."

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"Tasked with a full brand activation for the new gin, Underscore turned to Harrogate for inspiration, looking to the stories and characters that make the gin’s hometown such an iconic and historic location. For hundreds of years the area has attracted travellers from afar looking to indulge in the pure, restorative spring waters of the spa town, and it was these restorative qualities that inspired the name ‘Spirit of Harrogate’, to be used as a parent brand moving forward. The ‘Spirit of Harrogate’ would refer both to the alcoholic spirits sitting under the umbrella brand, and also to the spirit and character of the town epitomized by the famous restorative waters."

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"With a parent brand that epitomized the new gin’s roots, the product itself took on the name of a well-known denizen, ‘Slingsby’. William Slingsby founded the Tewit Well, one of the sources of Harrogate’s pure spring water so renowned for it’s restorative properties, and it was through this truly timeless character embodying the relaxation, socializing and restoration of mind, body and soul that the Spirit of Harrogate is defined."

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Creative Director: Neil Stanhope

Brand Manager: Chris Collins

Designers: Chris O'Leary and Will Meighan

Designed by Underscore

Client: Spirit of Harrogate

Country: United Kingdom

City: London

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