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Rema 1000 Lev vel

by Elizabeth Freeman on 11/09/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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Introducing a new line of baby products by REMA 1000! Created with safety in mind, diapers, hand creams, sunscreens, q-tips, and baby oils are packaged with environmentally friendly materials. Rema 1000 focuses on high quality, low prices and responsibility, targeting families with children. Each packaged product features a child ranging from infant to toddler years old. Playful illustrations of fantastical worlds are drawn over the photographs encouraging imagination and pretend. 

"Rema 1000 gave SDG the task of developing a strong private brand within a very limited timeframe. Tasks included brand strategy, concept, name, visual identity and packaging design. The competition for a share of parent’s focus and wallet is hard. The well-established actors focus on brand/credibility/, PL is price driven and niche players focus on ecology, forcing parents to make more choices. The visual language of “baby&parents” products varies from mom&child focused diapers to color strong smoothies. The price fight is hard. Rema 1000 has sold PL diapers for many years but have not yet managed to communicate value and quality."

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

"We have chosen an emotional approach in a quite traditional category. The new brand, called Lev Vel (Live Well) distinguishes itself from the competition through the human and playful expression, introducing responsibility into the category and securing an uncertain consumer that Lev Vel is a great choice across categories ranging from smoothies to diapers. Both the specially developed font and unique illustrations, add playfulness and humanity in an industrial category. Combining natural/realistic photos with characteristic illustrations strengthen the series and appeals toimagination. The contrast between illustrated surfaces and colored numbers and sides creates distinct color-coding and simplifies navigation. The rich visual toolbox gives the series a lot of development potential and has given Rema 1000 a competitive advantage creating a strong private brand."

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Client Director: Hanne Rognstad Østenfor 

Creative leader: Mathias Disen 

Lead designer: Tonje Jæger 

Design: Andreas Kalleberg, Caroline Heibo, Linda Strøm, Pia Østen 

Project manager: Karianne Stenby 

Illustration: Bjørn Rune Lie 

Font: Bjørn Rune Lie and Ellmer Stefan

Photo: Sebastian Ludvigsen/TINAgent

Designed by Scandinavian Design Group

Client: Rema 1000

Country: Norway