Brother Duran

by Elizabeth Freeman on 11/25/2015 | 3 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

What a detailed wonderland of gold filigree, royal purple hues and monogram embossed glass! Responsible for this eye candy is CF Napa Brand Design, a Napa Valley based design firm with over 40 years of success and leadership in the alcohol design industry. Responsible for the custom bottle design, the identity work and the packaging, CF Napa brought their best to this project and it shows. Brother Duran is a new grape-based spirit, inspired by a brandy recipe developed by Father Narciso Duran (Brother Duran) while serving in the California missions during the early 1800’s. CF Napa knew this luxury spirit needed to embody opulence, while also telling the brand story. Design inspiration was taken from the era and is reflected in the custom glass bottle shape, which is reminiscent of vintage brandy bottles, and the detailed filigree work on the label. 

Editorial photograph

“His (Brother Duran) brandy was described as ‘double distilled and twice as strong as the good brother’s faith.’”A regal purple seal crowns the top of the bottle, featuring the beautiful Brother Duran monogram in gold foil. Below this you see the same monogram embossed into the glass, accompanied by the quote, “Initiate the Uninitiated.” The purple color is used sparingly, showing up only once in the label design where the monogram is repeated again. The shape of the black label follows the silhouette of the bottle and is made of a heavy black paper stock with a nice tooth. Every inch of the label is covered in rich gold filigree and decorative typography. The details are unbelievable, you can get lost in the twists and turns. 

A bottle of Brother Duran commands attention and respect. This packaging design is stately and the brand story is clearly expressed visually. I feel confident that CF Napa will be receiving many accolades for their work on Brother Duran.

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Creative Director: David Schuemann

Design Director: Kevin Reeves

Senior Designer: Antonio Rivera

Photography: Tucker & Hossler

Designed by CF Napa Brand Design

Country: United States

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