Croatia in a Box

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 11/26/2015 | 4 Minute Read

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Ecolo approached Izvorka Juric Visual Communication to help design something quintessentially Croatian that could appeal to tourists as well as locals. Introducing Croatia in a Box, an adventure to Croatia in the form of a gift box!

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“Croatia in a Box is a new brand in the tourism and gastronomy sector. Croatia in a Box delivers high-quality Croatian products in the product line of gift / souvenir packaging and in the future through a chain of ‘pop-up’ stores. Communication is primarily oriented to tourists with more purchasing power, who travel through Croatia for business or pleasure, looking for a souvenir / gift representing Croatia in a different and fresh way. On the other hand there are Croatian citizens who look for an interesting, valuable and a representative present.”

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“The basic idea is based on communicating Croatian heritage in a different way than usual, in order to avoid corporate and very often cold tricolor national identity and to make a new product identity that presents the traditional values and cultural heritage of Croatia in a modern and emotional way.The brand and slogan are placed in a square form that is the basic element of the Croatian national identity and the meaning of brands – a gift box.”

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Croatia in a Box accomplishes quite a feat, capturing the energy and spirit of Croatia in a small box. A bright mix of colors and designs, metallic accents, and a delicate font make Croatia in a Box the kind of gift that doesn’t even need wrapping paper. Accompanying each box is a write-up of what’s inside, making it a perfect gift for those who truly want to give a unique gift that anyone who receives it can enjoy and appreciate.

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“The Croatia in a Box identity aims to capture the attention and stand out from the classic premium offer in this sector, to convey emotion (the Croatian experience), and to present Croatia as a place rich in colors, flavors, scents, pleasures (Mediterranean, Slavonia, produce, sun, sea, sky, the rich cultural heritage …).”

Designed by: Izvorka Juric Visual Communication

Client: Ecolo

Country: Croatia

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