Ziegenbock Texas Amber

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 11/23/2015 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Ever had a beer that was “kinda legendary”? Me either. But this is Ziegenbock Texas Amber's claim to fame! The quintessentially Texan beer teamed up with The Richards Group for a complete redesign.

“We approached the redesign of Ziegenbock Texas Amber by distilling the brand down to its Texas roots. Our brand personality is a mixture of stubborn, down-to-earth, and welcoming. The final packaging highlights our Texas pride while remaining humble. It's ‘Kinda Legendary.’”

Most notably, buyers will immediately notice the large outline of the state of Texas — this is a beer that isn’t afraid to show where it’s made. A faded yellow, black, and red feel somewhat old-timey, almost like a wanted poster from the wild west. In the background there are faint illustrations of mountains and fields, but Ziegenbock Texas Amber retains a sense of humor with fun elements like a goat wearing a tophat or “Kinda Legendary” written at the top. Filled with pride for the state of Texas, these subtle details appeal to customers from all over and get anyone excited to taste this beer from the Lone Star State.

Editorial photograph

Designed by: The Richards Group

Country: United States

City: Dallas, TX

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