Klässbols Linen Factory

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 11/23/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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Beautiful, intricate linens sell themselves, which is why the package design for Klässbols highlights the product itself. Tobias Möller and Rasmus Erixon created lovely yet simple packaging that emphasizes the history of the company and the quality of the linens.

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“Klässbols place on earth is Klässbol, Värmland, Sweden. Here, the third and fourth generation of the Johansson family manage the business and traditions inherited from their grandfather and great grandfather Hjalmar, who sat weaving all night long. Klässbols unstinting faith in linen as a natural material has provided them with a living and a purpose in life. They have received prestigious commissions from the Swedish Court and embassies, bringing Klässbols international fame. With a strong sense of tradition and faith in linen as a natural material, they work together to carry Klässbols, the family business, into the future.”

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“Klässbols Linen Factory produce products of high quality and modern design. They work with designers to create modern and challenging patterns. Despite this, they are linked more to handicraft and crafts than modern design. Our mission was to take them from handicraft and crafts to modern design by developing design and packaging solutions that reflect the expression of their products.”

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For the most part the design is minimal so as not to compete with the linens, with brown packaging and a black and white label. The love that Klässbols has for what they make shows through in the product, so letting customers become closer to it was key. Having an asymmetrical cutout revealing the actual linen allows consumers to touch and feel what they’re about to buy. It involves the customer, making them part of the experience.

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Designed by Tobias Möller, Rasmus Erixon

Country: Sweden

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