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Snowmold by Miquel Guarro | Cacao Barry

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 11/19/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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Isn’t this the most perfect holiday sweet treat you have ever seen? Taking a shape that anyone would recognize, the snowflake, these adorable chocolates are just in time for the holidays. Zoo Studio designed the packaging to feel festive but also advertise the premium product inside.

“Snowmold is the way that the pastry chef Miquel Guarro has chosen to wish a Merry Christmas in 2015. The design of the project is inspired by one of the representative forms of Christmas, the snow fractal, which gets relevancy both inside and outside of the packaging."

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"Inside, the chocolate chef Miquel Guarro presents various recipes of nougat with different textures, colours and flavours, and outside, the packaging shows us different compositions, colours and finishes… Definitely, one form allows to obtain infinite results. A design of the packaging that, through a subtle contrast of colours, shapes and varnishes, wants to symbolize graphically the purity and innocence of the Christmas holidays.”

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No two snowflakes are the same, and indeed, the chocolates and packaging combine to make a unique experience for each consumer. While the chocolates may be made from the same mold, as implied by the packaging designs, each one will inevitably be a little different, even in the smallest way. The repetitive designs are perfectly suited for the holidays, but by avoiding traditional holiday colors Snowmold appeals to a wider audience. Black, blue, yellow, pink—these hues combine with the snowflake shape to create a modern and premium chocolate for the holidays.

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Designed by: Zoo Studio

Country: Spain