Einstein Bros. Bagels Holiday Packaging

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 11/19/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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Einstein Bros. Bagels reminds us that the holidays is really truly about the joyful feelings that it brings. Fear Not has created imaginary “Joyville,” a place that might resemble Santa’s Workshop or Whoville, but is really an entirely new holiday trend in itself.

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“While the social media world continues to argue over Starbucks’ latest ‘red cup’ campaign, Fear Not and Einstein Bros. Bagels are giving us ‘Jollyville’ — their answer to the 2015 holiday campaign battles. Instead of answering to any politically correct concerns on either side of the aisle, the campaign simply celebrates the joy that comes with the holiday season. Not to mention, how bagels and coffee from Einstein Bros. Bagels play such a role in spreading that joy.”

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“Whimsical scenes were designed in-house by Fear Not and can be found inside and outside Einstein Bros. Bagels across the country in a series of packaging elements, menu boards, and of course, coffee cups.”

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The new design stirs up emotions rather than stands by a cause or viewpoint, making it something that almost anyone can feel an attachment to. Who doesn’t love snow, bundling up with a hot drink, and sharing the joy of winter and the holiday season? By using holiday themes and colors in an almost storybook manner, the scene is familiar. However, by using bagels as the main characters (such as “elves” and “reindeer”), Einstein Bros. packaging for the holidays takes a new and humorous approach.

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Designed by: Fear Not

Country: United States

City: Denver, CO


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