by Traci Gibbs on 11/12/2015 | 1 Minute Read

Have you heard of, or possibly played the game Cards Against Humanity? Dubbed the “party game for horrible people,” it has taken America by storm with its mature content and sometimes offensive subject matter. And, it seems the Americans aren’t the only ones enamored with the game – the Swedes have struck out in making their own adaptation and named it Rackare. An updates game for a new demographic would need a new packaging design.

The design for the original deck of Cards Against Humanity is bare bones – black, white and Helvetica bold. Rackare was designed by Joakim Bergkvist for Ninja Print and features an eye catching, modern and playful design. Bergkvist chose to continue the black and white color palette from the original deck and then kicked things up to make the Swedish version more fun and interesting. Diagonal stripes, a bright red smiling mouth and the game’s name spelled out boldly at an angle! Rackare is going to be a stand out in the games aisle. 

After a few alterations to the gameplay and loads of new cards written and tested, the guys over at Ninja Print asked me to give it a look of its own.

I’d describe the art direction as a Swedish interpretation of a 1960’s pop psychedelic vibe. Am I making any sense here? However, while the design might seem busy and super playful, there was a great deal of thought put into the proportions of the packaging and the colors being used. There is a one third to two thirds ratio that is carried through all the design elements. One third of the cards in the deck are white, with two thirds being black. One third of the box lid features a predominatelywhite palette, with two thirds being black. And, to really pull this theme through, the width of the box is one third to the two thirds length. 

A bright cherry red is used sparingly, but with great effect for the big smiling logo mouth. It’s the addition of that one lively color, in the shape of a perfect half circle which brings excitement to the table. While the design is clean and minimal, it also includes bold blocks of color and diagonal stripes. To me, this feels like Swedish design that's ready to party.

Designed by Joakim Bergkvist

Client: Ninja Print

Country: Sweden


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