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by Theresa Christine Johnson on 10/07/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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Part of what makes going to a cocktail bar so enjoyable is watching skilled bartenders at work. Now, you can be that talented mixologist in the comfort of your own home. Casa Botran, the traditional Guatemalan Rum house, wanted to create something extra special for their 75th anniversary, so Botran & Co has released a set of rums that is “an invitation to co-creation.” They hope that it acts as a tribute to bartenders, mixology, and empowers buyers to try their hand at mixing up new drinks.

Joao Paulo Oliveira, Appartement 103’s Head of Business Development states, “We understand that Casa Botran is the first rum maker to release a product that allows the consumers to define the flavour profile of the rum in such a customisable way. Therefore, our creative team was thrilled to bring this ritual concept to life by developing a solution that highlights the heritage as well as the contemporary vision of the company in producing refined aged rums. It’s a unique journey, immersing the consumers into the magical art of mixology.”

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The release truly does look like an extravagant gift box. With one large bottle of rum and two smaller varieties, a buyer will open the box and immediately feel like they’ve stepped behind the bar. A rich purple label and packaging feels regal, and the wooden box is similar to the deep brown hue of the rum. Elegant fonts and graphics contribute to the overall premium appearance.

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“The crude wooden box contains a 50cl rum bottle that was carefully selected to evoke the craft and preciosity perception of the product, which comes from the family’s private reserve and has been aged for up to 30 years. The 2 mini 5cl bottles, containing Spiced Rums and Citrus Rum, have been especially designed to compliment the main product, offering consumers with not only an exceptional product, but also the opportunity to explore different tastes by mixing them with Botran & Co. In order to do so, a pipette and an explanatory leaflet have been designed to complete this fabulous set.”

“In details, you will discover an exceptional work of printing techniques, boosting hot foil detailing, embossing and varnish, textures and screening, offering to the final presentation a real tactile experience and superb hand-crafting VS modernity balance.”

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Marc Savary, Appartement 103’s Creative Director adds, “The design is unique and boosts refined detailing. The elegance of the deep dark purple paper allowed us to contrast an exceptional work of gold hot foil typography, expressing the legendary know-how of Casa Botran. The carefully designed embossed stamp on the label, the organic selected paper, as well as the hand drawing screened typeface on the glass, reinforce the long history of the company, ensuring the heritage and quality perception of the brand. The Casa Botran’s shield was placed on the right side of the label, endorsing the product with confidence through a gold hot foil stamp, triggering the consumer's curiosity to turn the bottle around and discover it as a whole.”

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Designed by Appartement 103

Client: Casa Botran

Country: France

City: Paris