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Sweet Meat Jerky

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 10/06/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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Each variety of Sweet Meat Jerky has a slightly different story to tell. The 100% organic jerky brand from Nashville, Tennessee, comes in a few flavors — classic teriyaki, mango chipotle, and turkey barbecue. The 6th was tasked with designing the packaging for each unique jerky, so they created images and graphics to inform and intrigue the consumer.

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“The goal was to create a fresh, fully illustrated, storytelling and eye-catching packaging for the complete line of products. Many details of the story of this product deserved to be told, so we dedicated an illustration to everyone of them, creating a sort of colored and funny infographics about Sweet Meat Jerky.”

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The packaging is a mix of a variety of fonts, colors, and illustrations. A bold sans serif stands next to delicate cursive writing, while reds, greens, and yellows span the line of products. Practically every piece of information is accompanied with some kind of graphic. Despite the combination of elements, Sweet Meat Jerky avoids looking chaotic and instead accomplishes what The 6th set out to do: to tell a story.

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Sweet Meat Jerky is packaging that truly includes the consumer. Illustrations show what ingredients go into making the product, why Sweet Meat Jerky is a better choice than the competition, and a background on the company. As a buyer enjoys the snack, the packaging creates a bit of an experience while they eat.

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Designed by The 6th

Client: Sweet Meat Jerky

Country: Italy

City: Milan

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