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Halo Top Ice Cream

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 10/06/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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“Save the bowl — you’re going to want the whole pint.” While this might normally wreak havoc on your body with a regular pint of ice cream, Halo Top is healthy ice cream that actually tastes like ice cream. It’s low-calorie, high-protein, and low-sugar, and only the best, all-natural ingredients are used to create each mouthwatering flavor.

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Halo Top certainly offers something new for the ice cream market, but it was a challenge to create branding and packaging that would stand out with so many competitors. It needed to be fun, fresh, and youthful while also clearly showing the healthy aspects of the product. The ice cream had to communicate how delicious the flavors were and also the founder’s genuine enthusiasm about the cold, sweet treat. The result is refreshingly simple and immediately recognizable. Consumers can quickly see how many calories are in each pint (under 300), and subtle designs and colors then inform what tasty flavors they come in — birthday cake, chocolate mocha chip, lemon cake, and more. A gold lid not only ties into the brand’s name, but also catches the eye and gives the brand a cohesive look.

Founder Justin Woolverton states, “Probably the biggest challenge was determining which benefits of Halo Top would take center stage — a good problem to have, but getting that message across quickly and with impact was key. Halo Top is low calorie and high protein, two major selling points when it comes to health-conscious consumers. Ultimately, the low-calorie benefits won out. That number was just too strong of a point, and it also allowed us to show a per-pint serving instead of a per-half cup serving. This way, you can save a bowl. Just grab the whole pint and your favorite spoon.”

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“Halo Top is in a category (natural, ice cream) where brands often show a picture of the product or ingredients on the label. Halo Top is different. We also didn’t want to make the consumer spend an excessive amount of time in the grocery aisle reading the label. We knew we would have to showcase the ingredients in a new, simpler way. One way we accomplished that was through the use of illustration, particularly on the ingredients. By doing so, we were able to further develop the personality of the brand and give a peek at what’s inside.”

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Creative Direction: Benji Peck

Copywriting: Joy Sarnacke, Benji Peck, Justin Woolverton, and Doug Bouton

Additional Design: Benji Peck and Rex Runyeon 

Designed by Peck & Co.

Client: Halo Top Creamer