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by Emily Felipe on 10/09/2015 | 1 Minute Read

Happy October! This is the month of trick-or-treating, jack-o’-lanterns, and costumes. You know what that means… Halloween is right around the corner. We decided to take a look at some all-black packaging in honor of this holiday of fun and frights.

Black Marble

Sometimes a good beard and a dash of mystery can make anyone swoon. In collaboration with Beardbrand, Tobias van Schneider designed a limited edition package for Black Marble — a premium beard oil that is unlike any in the market.

The bottle is dressed in matte black and topped with a glossy cap that adds to the sophisticated and luxurious nature of this product. The brand name is tastefully tracked and typeset in white, making it the perfect package for a bearded gentleman. Simple yet alluring, dark yet elusive, subtle yet striking — sounds pretty irresistible, right? 

blk. water

Edgy, bold, unconventional. (Yes, we are talking about water.) Brendan Ratzlaff, Colin Young, and Jack Curtis rebranded and redesigned blk. water in hopes that you will eventually join the dark side.

A smooth glass bottle confidently showcases the brand and its distinct black color, free of any embellishments and unnecessary frills. The logotype is firmly plastered on the front, a no-nonsense declaration against the norm. It all starts with a single sip. Once someone finally succumbs to the liquid temptation, a hidden message will emerge from the empty bottle. Bottom’s up!

Corvus Coffee

Black coffee is an acquired taste, but let’s face it, this particular packaging is quite delicious. Design agency Fear Not received the opportunity to reinvent the brand’s image, setting Corvus apart from the rest of its caffeinated competitors.

The packaging is a traditional and modern blend that appeals to all coffee aficionados. A white vintage label highlights the Corvus wordmark and the brand’s local artisan-quality roasts. The beans are housed in a black bag that connects these homegrown ideals to the present, elevating Corvus to a higher standard that will remain relevant for years to come.

Baba Black Lager

This beer packaging is definitely not the black sheep in the family, that’s for sure. Tenfold Collective created this eye-catching design for Uinta Brewing Company, proving that it is better to stand out than follow the herd.

The black bottle is accented with a cream-colored label that depicts a black sheep. The overall look is neat and straightforward, mainly focused on the package’s strong typographical treatment. Less is more, and Baba Black Lager is an example of such a statement. Its overall design coupled with the black-and-white contrast leaves a visual impact, creating a nice level of hierarchy on the label. Cheers to that!

Hudson Made Worker's Soap

Hovard Design crafted an all-black packaging for Hudson Made Worker’s Soap that is both practical and personal for the consumer.

Each bar is wrapped in sustainable paper that combines old printing methods with a clean design aesthetic, evoking a handmade quality that is fresh yet nostalgic. It is then bound with dark twine that has an emblem of the Hudson Made initials. The intricate details refer to the rich heritage of the Hudson Made brand and its nineteenth-century values. They pride themselves on creating a unique product that is built on quality, not on a conveyor belt. The result? A gift from the past that is right at your fingertips.

Sandoval Interior Aromatics

You can finally become one with nature — in the comfort of your own home, of course. Sandoval has created a line of interior aromatics that is beautifully understated, enabling us to open our eyes and absorb our surroundings.

The spray bottle is purely black, with the exception of the white type that labels each scent. In addition, the plastic bottle glistens in the sun, effortlessly blending into its environment. Each scent is ultimately a portal into a new world, taking us through various places of serenity and comfort. Therefore, take a deep breath and step into the unknown.


Must is much more than a coffee shop. The Monterrey, Mexico-based cafe aims to create memorable experiences throughout all five senses for those who visit. Firmalt has created the branding and packaging for the shop that offers a variety of items, from sandwiches, desserts, and snacks, as well as many different blends of coffee. Must appears mysterious and enticing, easily appealing to a wide audience of coffee lovers and cafe-goers. Black, white, and splashes of color imply the high quality of their products, as well as the detail and care that goes into crafting each brew or sandwich. Keeping the design simple allows for Must to introduce and interchange their offerings easily, making every consumer’s experience unique. 

“The concept behind Must is inspired in antique apothecaries, where pharmacists devoted their time to the development of recipes for their patients. The combination of unexpected ingredients is portrayed in the identity, which embraces a varied color palette, and the interchangeable logos within the brand’s collateral. The mark was brought to life resembling old family emblems, which often contained the pharmacist’s family name surrounded by a frame. The frame varies depending on the application. Alternating these contributes to the brand voice and original style.”

The Best

Packaging design for a limited edition of the best local ratafia from Santa Coloma de Farners Ratafia’s award. This traditional liquor was chosen by a specialized jury and, with this limited edition, Confraria de la Ratafia wants everyone can taste this winning spirit. The bottle's structure is rounded and wrapped with a metallic gold label that gives it the honor that deserves to be as number 1. It's a simple design working for a winner concept. A golden sticker printed with only one ink and cut to draw a number one.

Mr Black Cold Press Coffee Liqueur

I’ve long been a fan of the design work coming out of the UK based offices of United Creative. Everything they touch is exceptionally well done. And, once again they have brought their “A game” to the table when working on the refreshed packaging design for Mr Black Cold Press Coffee Liqueur. Take a look at this beautiful bottle of liqueur! “With a new pack came a tweaked name. Replacing cold drip with cold press might seem minor, but it was exceptionally important to the team and something they laboured over for nearly a year." You might be wondering what the definition of a “refreshed” design would be. Having already received The Dieline’s First Place award in the Spirits category in 2014, the United Creative team still saw an opportunity for improvement. Through creating a more elaborate label design they were able to tell more of the story surrounding the production of Mr Black, and the coffee craft that goes on inside the bottle.“The first pack was just a placeholder – we whipped it up quite quickly – but then we won a few awards for it so it hung around a little longer than it should. Working with Chris and his team has been amazing. They really put the same craft into the outside of the bottle as what goes onto the juice inside."


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