St. Laurent

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 11/03/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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One part mystery, one part discovery. St. Laurent is a handcrafted gin with an enchanting label to match. Chad Michael Studio brings us this gorgeous and inspired design that looks like one of the most exquisite gins you could pull from your liquor cabinet.

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“A Canadian gin with a label completely in French, the design pulls inspiration from the likes of Jules Verne along with visual cues from antique encyclopedias and nautical exploration.”

Editorial photograph

Gold and turquoise look utterly elegant alongside a faded off-white hue. A mix of fonts, images, and graphics feel traditional and old-timey, making St. Laurent a prime choice for those who don’t just want to drink just any gin but want something of a premium quality. The top and bottom of the label have a blue, black, and gold circular design, which resembles the wheel of a ship or a compass, giving it an adventurous and mysterious edge.

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Designed by Chad Michael Studio

Country: United States

City: Dallas

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