Acorn Brewery Rebrand

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 11/03/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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Chalkboards aren’t exactly inspiring or exciting. More than likely, they remind you of school days way back when. Well, Acorn Brewery is refreshing them a bit and giving you a new thing to associate with them. Pulling from the design at their flagship bar, their rebrand takes this inspiration to individualize each unique craft beer.

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Hacksaw™ were approached by Acorn Brewery to rebrand the brewery in line with the company's aspirations for the next decade and beyond. After creating a new logotype and image for the brewery, we took inspiration from Acorn's flagship bar, The Old No.7, when tackling the product range.”

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“The traditionally styled bar has a huge chalk prominence, so we based the product image heavily around this influence. Over 25 individual, hand drawn chalk illustrations were the basis for the bottle, pump and can designs giving the whole range a uniformed, but completely original and individual approach.”

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Using a chosen color and font for each flavor makes each brew feel incredibly special. It’s particularly exciting for those who are adventurous with trying beers, getting them interested and excited in trying different ones. The black “chalkboard” against the amber bottle is sleek and powerful, implying each brew has a bold, delicious flavor.

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Designed by Hacksaw™

Country: United Kingdom

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